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Private label mesh produce bag manufacturer from Turkey

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Americans use 100 billion (and counting) plastic bags each year. Twelve million barrels of oil are needed to produce this number. Besides the fact that fossil fuels on their own pose a threat to our environment, they are also running out. Less production of plastics means less usage of fossil fuels. Furthermore, plastics have the single-use phenomenon at their disposal after being used just once. They mostly end up in landfills or water sources, killing hundreds of thousands of marine animals yearly.

We all are aware that plastic pollution is a significant problem and that the ultimate way to counter this environmental disaster is through recycling and reuse. Choosing to use sustainable cotton mesh bags is a sure way of protecting the world around you. Reusable cotton produce bags are the solution to the ever-rising cases of plastic pollution because people can use them until they wear out and decompose, making them popular. Ditch the single-use plastic bags and make the switch to reusable, breathable, washable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing cotton mesh bags.

Why should you make the switch to reusable cotton mesh bags?

  • Reusable: Mesh produce bags, unlike plastics, can be used multiple times. 100% organic cotton: Cotton is a durable fabric, and you won’t have to worry about wear and tear due to multiple uses!

  • Easily cleaned, dried and re-washable: You can quickly rinse with water to remove dirt. They are also machine wash safe. It requires mild detergent/soap for washing. Some shrinkage is likely to occur as cotton is a natural fiber. Air drying (lay flat to dry) is recommended but for dryers, use low to medium heat. For long life and durability, avoid washing frequently.

  • Convenient drawstring closure to secure your produce: The easy pull drawstring keeps your product in place and secure, and you won’t have to worry about your fruits and vegetables falling out.

  • Several sizing options: Apart from the standard sizes available, you can also place a custom order for your preference to accommodate differently shaped produce.

  • Low environmental impact: Cotton mesh bags are sustainable, have an extended life, and help keep plastics from landfills. They are also vegan and cruelty-free!

  • Low production costs: Since cotton bags can be reused, it lowers the need for continuous production, as with single-use plastic bags.

  • Great for storage: Any produce that doesn’t need refrigeration can be hung in a reusable grocery bag. They also work for products that need to be refrigerated.

  • Zero waste food bags: The mesh is breathable, which helps produce stay fresh for longer.

How Do You Use Reusable Grocery Bags?

  • Organization: Whether it’s your grocery shop or kitchen, mesh bags fit hanging displays and easy transportation. You can also store your kids’ toys in them.

  • Storing all your fruit and vegetables on the counter: Mesh produce bag is more extensive than it seems and can fit so much produce. It is also flexible and stretchy to accommodate even odd-shaped products.

  • Hanging up your produce in your pantry for full ventilation: This particularly applies to the vegetables that are prone to quick rotting and need to be kept fresh and dry for longer.

  • Use it when you shop for produce, both fresh and dry.

What other things can I use my produce bags for?

  • Laundry: They are versatile and can used as a laundry bag for your delicate items.

  • Carry it to the local bakery to pack pastries instead of paper bags.

  • Protect your flowers and sprouting vegetables on the seedbed: You can cut open your reusable cotton mesh bags and lay them over your budding flowers and sprouting seedlings to protect them from animals that will try to feast on your early blooms.

  • Hanging objects to dry: To air dry items that frequently get wet, like bathtub toys, place them in a reusable cotton mesh bag and hang it up somewhere it can safely drip.

How we can help you.

Wholesale Bag Factory, located in Istanbul, Turkey, is a reusable mesh bag manufacturer producing and selling reusable cotton mesh bags in bulk to clients worldwide, and we even private label. As a wholesale mesh bag manufacturer, we produce bags for almost every industry. Supermarkets, cosmetics brands, chains, grocerys, schools, hospitals, hotels, fairs, expo centers, zoo's and more...

Our goal is to influence people to collectively and cumulatively help our environment by making simple lifestyle changes. Our mesh produce bag is practical for the low/zero-waste lifestyle. Use these bags to replace single-use plastic bags at the farmers’ market or grocery store. You reduce your carbon footprint by choosing a recyclable and reusable option by choosing our bags.

Wholesale Bag Factory by Depotel is a leading, reliable and reputable manufacturer who you can trust with your bulk orders. We provide quality products, competitive prices, and world-class customer service. In addition, we do all kinds of customizations and offer different design services, from labeling to mesh options and sizing and branding options.

Our bags are;

  • Replacing filmy plastic produce bags

  • Breathable, with a mesh design that allows users to easily identify the contents of the bag

  • Offered in convenient size packs

  • Practical, with a drawstring closure

  • Washable and reusable

  • Offered in branded options

  • Customizable in terms of size, design and mesh options

As a leading cotton bag supplier to Europe, we can fulfill your standard orders in the shortest lead times possible. Custom orders may require longer than usual lead times.

It is time for society to switch to these eco-friendly bags completely. Visit our website to learn more about our company and how we can partner to foster a better environment. Make the conscious choice to switch to reusable grocery bags. You will look and feel good, and the environment and future generations will thank you for it!

If you are a supermarket or grocery chain in the market for a wholesale mesh bag manufacturer, reach out to us for your private labels, fabric specification, and size needs.

So contact us today and tell us about your cotton bag needs and we will get back to you with more information as soon as possible!

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