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How To Create a Custom Cotton Canvas Tote Bag?

We are Wholesale Bag Factory and we are a bag manufacturer from Istanbul, Turkey. We manufacture over 5 million bags annually and our bags consists; canvas tote bags, laundry bags, mesh bags, grocery bags, and more!

We don't have a collection but we work with brands and companies and bring their designs to life! Brands send us all the data, and we do the initial work for them and prepare the quote. So if you are interested in manufacturing custom bags we can help you bring them to life!

So here is how we start! First, you can visit the "Get a Quote" link on our website and fill in all the information and provide us with as many details as you can. All the design aspects and the purpose of the bag so that if this is your first time manufacturing a bag, we can guide you to the right product specifications. To get a quote, please click HERE!

On our form we ask you basic questions like the size of the bag, fabric type, fabric weight, quantity, the purpose of the bag, if there is any print, type of print, etc... Once we have all these details we can start working on the project, if you have premade design that you can send us, that would be great! You can also upload the design on the "Get a Quote" page which would make the process much faster.

Now that we have everything we need, we kindly ask you to give us 48 hours to prepare the quote for you. Once we have the quote ready we will email it to you with all of the order details. If you like what you see and would like to move forward with manufacturing your custom bag, then we suggest that you order a sample. Our sample cost is 250 euros. The sample fee is fully refundable if you decide to place an order. We prepare the sample and ship it with DHL Worldwide within 2 weeks. Once you receive the samples if you like the product and confirm the order, we start manufacturing. Custom cotton bag manufacturing lead time depends on the details and the quantity of the order, but we deliver most orders within 3-4 weeks regardless of the quantity.

So if you need a promotional bag for your company or brand, of if you have a design that you would like to create, contact us and we will provide you with all the know-how and expertise that we have. We can create all kinds of different bags such as; canvas tote bags, laundry bags, mesh bags, grocery bags, and polyester bags! Contact us today and let's start creating your custom-made bag!

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