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9 Creative Ways to Use Your Canvas Tote Bag

Our oceans are alarmingly full of plastic waste that kill the marine life and injure other animals that feed on fish like seals, bears, and birds. Plastic bags clog our drainage systems causing destructive flash floods that ruin homes, damage automobiles, and destroy lives. On top of that, these cheap plastic bags deplete our already limited natural resources like crude oil and natural gas because these elements are needed for these bags' production. The worst thing about using a plastic bag, for the amount of damage it can cause us and our world, we only use it for a short time before we throw it away.

Newsflash: most plastic bags will take thousands of years to decompose because majority are not biodegradable (meaning, they won't breakdown easily). How long are we going to keep using these plastic bags that are harmful for the environment? The best solution is to switch to canvas tote bags with zipper, open canvas tote bags, or those canvas tote bags with drawstrings. These reusable bags are sturdier and will not snag or rip like plastic. It will not dig into our skin, will hold a lot more things, and will remain clean because they are washable. Here are some ways where in all of us can use these environment friendly canvas tote bags: Address Those School Needs Using canvas tote bags for school is an awesome way to hold our books and other daily school supplies like pencil cases, papers, folders, etc. These days, a canvas tote bag manufacturer can design whatever we want to put on the exterior of the bag. It can be a slogan, a character, a symbol, or a combination of all. We can even collaborate with our classmates and produce our own batch canvas tote bag to represent our class or our school. We can buy a custom design canvas tote bag in bulk from a reputable promotional wholesale canvas tote bag supplier like Depotel. If you we use canvas tote bags for school, we will be more comfortable because the straps are thick and sturdy. They will not dig into our skin because the weight is evenly distributed. Canvas tote bags with zipper will help us keep our things secure. The best part about these bags, they don’t break the bank unlike the other designer book bags in the market. Great for Trade Shows Those of us who have businesses that want to promote our brand can use a promotional wholesale canvas tote bag to hold our items to be given away during trade show events. They are worth every investment because they can also hold a lot more promotional items than plastic bags. On top of that, these promotional canvas tote bags don’t look cheap and flimsy like plastic bags. These are more professional looking and inspire more client confidence, which we need to promote our company's brand name and overall image. These canvas bags are a great marketing tool to spread the word about our brand’s goods and services because people will reuse them. These canvas tote bags are a great and affordable marketing method because people are giving us free advertisement every time they re-use our bag. People are more like to have trust in our brand when they see our many clients using the bag on their own time. These reusable canvas bags are the best kind of promotion that we can do for our business because they don’t cost a lot and they will be used over and over again. Use Them for the Gym Athletes and those who are addicted to working out will be happy with a funky colored canvas tote bag that has been especially designed with a sporty theme. A canvas tote bag manufacturer can easily put our team’s logo or our team motto as the design. We can have produce a custom design canvas tote bag in bulk for our team. We can even personalize them with our own name, so we know who owns which bag. Those who are not into sports but frequently workout can have a nice slogan printed on the canvas tote bag like “no excuses”, “fitness junkie”, “go heavy or go home”, or “the pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow”. The nice thing about using these canvas tote bags for the gym is they are big enough and sturdy enough to handle all our things from shoes, extra clothes, water bottles, towels, and the like. We don’t have to worry about soiling them with our sweaty stuff because we can easily pop them inside the washing machine.

Keep Them Handy for Grocery Shopping Canvas tote bags are cheap and can be bought in bulk. We can even choose the color that we like and keep our bags color coded. For instance red can be used exclusively for grocery shopping, blue for our gym use, and yellow for school use. That way, we don’t use the ones we soil with our sweat for our food items. We can easily fold these bags and keep them in our car for when we hit the grocery or the farmer’s market. Big open canvas tote bags are great for carrying our grocery items because they can handle a lot of weight. Unlike plastic bags that rip easily, these canvas tote bags won’t get holes easily with the pointy tip of an eggplant. With our frequent trips to the grocery, we are saving mother earth if we use these canvas tote bags in lieu of those cheap grocery plastic bags that will just go straight to the dumpster. Make a Bold Fashion Statement Because canvass tote bags can be customized, we can pick whatever design and color we want. We can use it to make a fashion statement because the stuff that we use say convey to the world what our values and likes our. We can even use this humble bag to spread our advocacies if we have them printed with words like “Go Green”, “Save the Planet”, or “Love Mother Earth.” These humble bag with various colors can be easily mixed and matched with our outfits. On top of that, these canvas tote bags can be easily folded so we can actually put one within our existing bag, so if ever we go shopping for clothes, makeup, or what not, we can take out these bags and use them to carry all the fashionable items we have bought in the mall. Utilize as a Baby Bag Those of us who are moms can use these canvas tote bags as a baby bag. Baby bags contain many things like extra clothes, milk bottles, formula, diapers, diaper rash cream, and a diaper changing pad. A canvas tote bag is big enough to handle all of those. Canvas tote bags with zippers are especially great because they will keep all our things secure inside. The long comfy straps of these canvas tote bags won’t dig into our skin. We can even hook them up with ease to our strollers or fit them in the under the carriage storage bin. These versatile bags can easily hold soiled baby clothes. We don’t have to worry about any kind of mess because they can all be thrown in the washing machine and the dryer for cleaning and extra sanitation to take away all the germs. And if they are indeed soiled beyond repair, we don’t have to feel bad because these cotton canvas bags are made of easily biodegradable materials. We can also replace them easily because they are fairly price and won’t hurt our wallets. Load It Up with Maternity Gear Related to the previous category, these canvas bags are handy when we are baby mooning and preparing our hospital bags in advance to prepare for the birth of our baby. Most of us moms are given the advise to prep that hospital bag in advance so we won’t forget anything. After all, when we are having contractions, we will no longer be able to think straight, so preparing this in advance is really a critical decision. Canvas tote bags are great because they can easily hold our things and our newborn’s things that we all need for going home. It can contain our extra pair of clothing, our hygiene kit, and other things that we think we may need while we are in the hospital for the birth of our baby. These versatile canvas bags are really functional so we can use it with ease with both our mommy stuff and our baby’s things. Great for Weekend Fun as a Weekender Bag For a short weekend getaway, these bags can easily contain a few sets of clothing. We can use them as our weekender bag to hold our essentials for our trip. Apart from clothes, they can hold our make up kit, our dental hygiene pack (with toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and tiny mouthwash), and small packets of travel sized soaps and shampoos. If we are going on a trip and we have checked in a trolley luggage, we can use these canvas tote bags to be our hand carry bag to bring inside the airplane. They are great for holding whatever last minute shopping we decide to buy at the airport. They are lightweight enough to handle and can help us pass through TSA without any problems. Perfect for Birthday Craft Projects These canvas bags are a great craft project that can also serve as the souvenir for a kid’s birthday party. We can buy several plain canvas bags from a reliable supplier like Depotel. Then we can purchase fabric paint and markers in our favorite craft store. We can also throw in some embellishments like patches, ribbons, and sequins, which they can glue to these bags. These will serve as their project to keep them busy during the party. It is a great way to express themselves while having fun at the same time. Then when the kids are done, we can take a group picture while they are wearing their own finely crafted canvas tote bag project. And, of course, the children will bring these canvas tote bags home. They can even use it to hold their other prizes and their loot bags filled with candy.

Final Word As you can see, there are numerous ways for all of us to use a canvas tote bag. These bags can be great for all kinds of industries. Lawyers can use them to hold papers and educators can use them to toe books. It can even be used for weekend weddings, printed with cute graphics and words for wedding guests to enjoy. These canvas tote bags are really versatile and functional pieces that can be used by just about anyone because they are affordable bags made with good quality material that can be customized to suit our needs.

If you are looking for a mesh produce bag, cotton grocery bag, cotton tote bag or a laundry bag, please contact us today for more information. You can also access our catalog by clicking here.

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